Our Culture:

In today’s economy, we understand the importance of culture in developing our people. CDI unique culture improves organization performance, encourages innovation and creates competitive advantage. Our culture, based on our unique social architecture gets the best out of our people to achieve service excellence.

The culture of competence helps make our employees satisfy our customer’s needs, improve delivery excellence and achieve challenging goals. Our commitment to excellent service, delivery and improvement through continuous learning aligns our employees tin achieving organizational objectives.

Our culture helps our employees, grow and contribute their skills to business development. The foundation for openness encourages people to be more creative to attain personal mastery. CDI culture of openness, honesty and integrity makes it the global leader in IT Services industry.

Career Path:

Well-defined career path to propel your career to the next level

Our well-defined career paths enable you to improve your capabilities and expand your career-development opportunities. We can help you reach your goals by assisting you in improving your expertise in technical skills, capabilities, and your leadership ability. We have structured the career paths to offer opportunities for personal growth and to achieve excellent employee satisfaction.

We can assist you in developing your talent in attaining professional competencies and realizing your career goals. Your mentor will keep you alive on the career paths offered by the organization and will constantly encourage you to utilize the available opportunities to progress further. We can help manage your career path by aligning skills with the right nature of job roles to develop your outstanding competencies.

CDI offers a wide variety of options (career paths) for you to choose from. Areas such as consulting (technology), industry verticals, software engineering, quality assurance and process management. You choose from the wide variety of limitless international career paths to propel your career.


CDI's mentoring process enables the work force to share critical knowledge to create a great successful organization. Knowledge is the critical factor that drives our business into the future. We understand that the productivity of any organization is determined by the knowledge of the work force. To sustain the productivity of the organization, Centaurus involves in continuously developing the work force.

Our mentoring process involves

  • Identifying the strengths and weakness of the people.
  • Creating goals for improvement.
  • Monitoring and tracking the level of progress.
  • Controlling the deviation from the defined goals by setting alternative plans.
  • Achieving the maximum utilization of the potential of the work force.


CDI offers benefits including:

Competitive salaries Long Term disability
401(K) Life insurance
Generous paid time off package Room for growth and advancement
Tuition reimbursement Special summer hours
Medical and dental benefits Customized work arrangements


We currently have the following consultant positions open:

  • Data Warehouse PM

    Looking for a senior data warehouse project manager with infrastructure management and data warehouse performance tuning experience.

  • ETL Lead

    Looking for a senior data analyst/modeler who has Data Warehouse (IBM Data Stage) experience and functional knowledge in sales, marketing, finance and booking areas.

  • OBIEE Architecture

    Looking for a senior OBIEE architecture who has in depth BI architecture experience in large high tech companies and business domain knowledge in sales, marketing, service and finance, etc.

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

    Looking for business analyst with OBIEE experience besides the business domain knowledge in sales, marketing, finance or professional service, install base, etc.

  • BI PM

    Experienced BI PM with some business domain knowledge in sales, marketing, finance or professional service, install base, etc. Prefer to have some OBIEE experience.


    Looking for experienced Hyperion DRM architecture/developer who is proficient in DRM Import/Export processes and data validation and cleansing process.

If you are interested in one of above openings, please provide your contact information and send your resume to