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Welcome to CDI Solutions, Inc.

CDI Solutions, Inc. is a technical consulting and resource placement firm that specializes in Custom Data Integration (CDI) initiatives. Our deep understanding of, and our passion for, Custom Data Integration comes from many years of experience working on BI projects at companies, large and small. We take great pride in helping our clients to not only avoid the common pitfalls but to be highly successful in their BI project endeavors.

CDI can be your preferred Solutions and Staffing provider in Application Life Cycle Mgmt, Customer Support, Quality Mgmt, IT Process Mgmt and IT Operations


Our complete information technology services with proven capabilities helps in transforming the clients business. CDI high-value solutions and innovative technology solves client’s complex business problems. CDI technology expertise...


CDI detailed analysis and proactive processes, helps to formulate an Enterprise Portal solution that meets the precise needs, goals and targets of any kind of business clients. CDI Portal Solution provides enterprises with a broad portal solution ...


CDI's mentoring process enables the work force to share critical knowledge to create a great successful organization. Knowledge is the critical factor that drives our business into the future. We understand that the productivity of any...